Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions specified below apply for all services contracted through THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS website, in any of its applications and any other type of written or verbal communication. Upon making any reservation on any of the platforms on our website you accept having read and being in agreement with the terms and conditions.


The content may be revised and modified from time to time.


Regarding our services

Different types of accommodation (apartments, houses, and villas) are represented on our website and website users can reserve them there.


When you make a reservation on THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS website you establish a contract with THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS.


The content of our website is exclusively for the use of clients and cannot be copied or reproduced in other computer or printed systems without prior written consent from THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS.


Regarding rates

Rates published on our website are per person or accommodation unit, as specified in each case, and per night. Taxes are added to the rate and are subject to change at any time.


Privacy and use of cookies

Please consult our section with this title. We care about and are interested in safeguarding your personal information.


Form of payment

Reservations made through our website must be paid for by credit card at the moment they are made.


Payment and cancellation policy

The total amount of your stay will be charged at the time of booking. In low season, canceled reservations up to 8 days before arrival will be refunded 90%, less than 5 days and “no show” will be charged the total of the stay. In high season canceled reservations up to 30 days before arrival will be refunded 70%, between 29 and 8 days 50% will be reimbursed, and with 5 or less days and “no show” will be charged the total of the stay.


Communication by e-mail.

When you make a reservation, you will receive a confirmation by e-mail and may receive other information before travelling regarding other services that could make your stay more pleasant.


Accommodation classification

Classification of the different types of accommodation that appear in our website, through any of the platforms we use, is based on the opinion of our own clients after their stay in the accommodation. This classification is based on an automatic classification system for all of them.


This classification made by clients on the facilities and services offered by THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS accommodations can be used for promotional purposes, on our website or in any social media we use for publicity or marketing.

We reserve the right to reject or not accept comments we feel are illegal or damage the reputation of anyone or the company offering the service.


Responsibility waiver

As per the terms and conditions and as far as is permitted by law, we only accept responsibility for harm you may suffer due to defects that can be attributed to our services up to a maximum equivalent of the total cost of the reservation, either for one or several events happening during the time the services we provide last.


However, neither THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS nor any persons related to THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS, including but not limited to directors, managers, employees, legal representatives, subsidiaries or any person involved in the production procedure, sponsorship and promotion of the website, will be held responsible for anything related to: (i) losses or punitive, special or collateral damage or subsequent loss of production, benefits, income, contracts, losses or damages of clients or prestige and/or loss of lawsuits; (ii) inaccuracy in the specifications related to prices, availability and type of properties on the website; (iii) provision of services or products offered by properties; (iv) any type of losses, harm or cost you may suffer and/or defray with regard to the use, lack of availability or delay by the website; (v) any personal harm, death, damage to property, including but not limited to losses and payments (direct or indirect, subsequent or punitive), payments for legal acts, inadequate professional practices, negligence, breach of contract, any kind of complete or partial responsibility attributable to the property, as well as the products or services positioned or promoted on the website, including partial or total cancellation, overbooking, strike, major force and any event beyond our control.


Intellectual property

Except in cases where the contrary is specified, the software used on our website and the platforms we use and the intellectual property rights of the information are property of THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS and its associates or service suppliers.


THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS exclusively reserves ownership of all rights, title and interest (intellectual property rights) with regards (including infrastructure) to the website where the service is available (including comments from the clients and translated content) understanding by this the right to reproduce, compile, transmit, promote, market, incorporate, use or combine the content (including comments from the clients and translations) or the brand, must be granted in writing by THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS. If you wish to make partial or total use of the website client comments, content of the translation or any other kind of content (including the content and translated comments of clients) your hereby transmit and endorse all intellectual property rights to THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS. Any previously mentioned legal use, act or practice will constitute a violation of our intellectual property rights (including any kind of right).



These Terms and Conditions on the provision of our services are governed and interpreted according to Mexican law and any dispute that may arise will be settled exclusively before the competent courts of Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo, Mexico.

The original version of these terms and conditions in Spanish have been translated into other languages. No existing translated version is considered to be the official version; therefore, no rights can be taken from any translation. In the event that there is a dispute regarding the content or interpretation of the terms and conditions, including contradicting disputes or disagreements between the original version and any of the existing translations, the Spanish version overrules the others. You may consult the versions in other languages on the website.


If, for whatever reason, any of the regulations in these terms and conditions are no longer valid or obligatory, you will be obliged to continue abiding by the rest of the content, and, if this happens, the regulation that is no longer valid must be obeyed during the maximum period of time permitted by law.



THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS offers on-line accommodation reservation services. It is a society established according to Mexican law and with a legal address in the city of Playa del Carmen, Municipality of Solidaridad, Quintana Roo State, Mexico,


THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS headquarters is located in Playa del Carmen, Municipality of Solidaridad, in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico, and has associate companies (Associates). The Associates provide internal support for the benefit of THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS. Some of the Associates provide limited service support via telephone. The Associates do not have a website; therefore, they do not act, control or have any property rights over the website. The Associates do not have any right to offer the service, represent THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS or sign any legal document representing THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS, and the only legal address of THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS for all legal purposes is and will be that established in these terms and conditions.