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Privacy notice and use of cookies

Personal information

We would like to let you know how we use your personal information. Since you have put your trust in us by giving us your personal information, we are obliged to protect and guard it, given its importance.

When we refer to “all the information” we mean all kinds of services we provide you with through our platforms on THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS website.


Kind of information THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS will request from you.

When you reply to our request for information, we ask for your name and an e-mail address.

When you make a reservation, we request your full name, names of your companions and address, telephone number and payment information. And of course, the accommodation you have chosen.

In order to register and open an account where you can have access to your reservation, we will also request some of the information mentioned above.

When you visit our website, we can collect information on your IP, the server you use, browser and information on your computer or any mobile device you may use. When you make a reservation, we receive a report on the website(s) through which you made it.

When you contact us through the social media applications we use, we also receive your information.

When and how does THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS use your personal information?


We use your personal information to pass on the details of your reservation to the accommodation you have reserved.

Customer service

All of our employees who are in contact with our clients have access to the information you have given us, in order to follow up on any request you make, or to be able to advise you on choosing the accommodation that best meets your needs.

Your opinion on your vacations

We use your contact information to request your opinion on your accommodation and your vacations in general. Your participation will help other passengers choose the most suitable place for their vacations.


We use your information to make some permitted marketing studies:

With the information you provide when making a reservation, we can send you similar accommodation offers and other vacation products similar to those you have previously reserved.

These offers, personalized or not, can reach you through any of the platforms used by THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS on different electronic devices, including social media websites; or through telephone calls. You can unsubscribe any of these communications at any time through our “Unsubscribe” link.

Other kinds of communications

Depending on the personal information you have given us, at any given time we can contact you by e-mail or telephone to answer any pending questions, carry out a survey or let you know how you can contact THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS when you are on vacation. We can also offer you last minute services that might be useful for your trip or accommodation reserved with THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS.


We can use your personal information to warn you about any kind of fraud or illegal activities that could affect you.

From time to time we will ask for your opinion on how we can improve how we work and the quality of the service we offer on line.

When and how do we share your personal information with third parties?

At times, we share your information with third parties:

Service suppliers

These are service suppliers who use the information for us and use it exclusively for your benefit. These procedures are for the purposes of processing payments for the reservations, sending marketing information or surveys and analytical information on our services.

They sign a confidentiality contract regarding text use, which prohibits them from using your personal information for anything except that authorized by THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS.

Reserved accommodation

Upon confirming your reservation, we must pass on your reservation details to the accommodation, such as the names of all who appear in the reservation and the specifications of everything requested. They can use this information to send you offers related to your reservation.

Supplier partners

Some of the services we offer on our website are provided by suppliers who appear on our website, and/or we appear on theirs. In both cases, in order to give the services requested, we have to cross-reference your personal information with your consent. If you reserve a service with an outside supplier, please read their privacy policy.


When required by any official government body, we are obliged to provide the information requested. This may happen when information is requested in order to pursue or prevent any kind of fraud or criminal activity.

Use of social media channels

We use social media channels to promote our website and accommodations which appear there. When you register through one of these channels, the information is shared with the service supplier and others in their network of contacts.

THE COLLECTION VACATION RENTALS, through our channels, will have access to the information that appears in your profile and in the profiles of the contacts with whom you have exchanged information.

In our system, you can connect to our social media applications through any media channel. Your service supplier can advise you on how to use the information you give in such cases.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a small piece of information sent by the website and stored in the user’s browser in such a way that the website can consult the user’s previous activity.

Its main functions are:

Keep control on users: when the user writes his name and password, a cookie is stored so that the user doesn’t have to be introducing himself each time he enters a page on the server. However, the cookie does not identify a person, but a computer combination of the computer-browser-user.

It obtains information on the user’s browsing habits, Spyware (spy programs) attempts by publicity agencies and others. This may cause privacy problems, which is one of the reasons why cookies have their opponents.

Originally, they could only be stored at the request of a CGI (Common Gateway Interface) from the server, but Netscape gave its JavaScript code the capability to introduce them directly from the client, without needing CGI’s. At the beginning, due to browser errors, this made for some security problems. Cookies can be erased, accepted or blocked as desired, which can be done by configuring the web browser accordingly.

Why do we use cookies?

Websites don’t have memory and if you pass from one page to another within a website cookies allow you to be recognized in all of them. They also store your preferences, the currency you use and your search criteria. They also recognize you when you enter again.

How do we use the different kinds of cookies?

Technical and functional cookies: – We use technical cookies to show you our website, to recognize your information and to open your account, using the process involved. These cookies are absolutely necessary for our website to work well.

Functional cookies are those that remember your preferences and your previous visits on our website.

Commercial cookies: – These are used on the websites of other service suppliers and on ours, in order to have access to destinations, accommodations and price ranges you have been looking for. Sometimes the other suppliers will send you offers through our website.

Analytical cookies: – These allow us to analyze what does or does not work on our website, showing us information on the pages you have visited, the words you have used in doing so and the dates and times you have been active. Our partners can also use these cookies to find out if you have made reservations on their websites.


Access to our cookies is restricted to us. Other partners’ cookies are only accessible from their systems.


For your security, we use business systems and procedures to protect and safeguard personal information given to us, while abiding by the laws on information security.

Only authorized personnel have access to your personal information through security procedures that restrict access to personal information on our servers.

Your credit card details are only stored for 10 days and thereafter are encrypted and stored on our system in order to prevent any kind of fraud.

Control of your personal information

You may request a review of your personal information in our system by requesting it in writing and attaching a photocopy of your I.D. You can request that this information be changed and you can also request that the information be erased. However, we have to keep certain details for administrative purposes.

Cancellation Policies 

Cancellations with 45 days or more, before the arrival date the charge will be 50%,  cancellations from 30 to 44 days before the date of arrival will be charged 75% of total payment and those who are before of the 15 days of arrival the charge will be 100%. This may vary depending on the season.